Wednesday, March 28, 2012

being home alone

In my country leaving a child home alone, is not like the movie (Home alone), it's a natural, normal way of living, and when they leave an adult to take care of us, we wonder, "why?, she can't take care of herself?".
                  When I was in fifth grade; about 9 or 10 years of age, may Dad got a job as a furniture sales person in a city that it was about three and a half hours away from home, and he had to be in at a specific time in the morning, so He had to design a plan, create a strategy where my brother and I were taken care of. and what he did was travel over there, taking my older brother (by then he already had finished elementary school) with him, and I was staying home alone for the whole week!! that was so cool!! He (my Dad) used to give me money to cover the whole week, meaning my food, my bus rides to school and some extras.
                  Well, everything went well for a few weeks, or months I don't really remember, but it got to the point where I was spending more money than I was supposed to, so I was kind of starving for some days, because some times by Wednesday , or Thursday I was already out of money, but, then I started using my abilities, self efficient, and rough!,    
                  Some time ago, before any of this took place, my Dad  had bought a shoe shine kit for us, because he didn't like the idea of his kids having to wear dirty shoes, and considering that He didn't have much time to check on us, (because he was always working) we had to create a habit of using that kit, and we did.
                I remember going with my sister to the market, and watching all those kids that used to get around her asking if  she need it help with the basket (the groceries bag), and they all wanted to do it for a small tip that was new to me, I never had to ask any stranger for money.
                After that intermission, on the last two paragraphs, getting back to my story, to make extra money that would keep me safe for the rest of the week I started giving a better use to my shoe shine kit, and to that experience that I had with my sister in the market.  First I tried the market thing, I went to the market, and just like a saw those kids to do, I started going around asking the ladies if they wanted me to help them with the basket  (read back up to find the meaning of basket),  needless to say that with my Charming personality and my educated way of asking them, I had total success! I made good money the first days, so, I had solved my "financial" situation, but like I said somewhere before,  "nothing last for ever",  One of those days, when I just started "working" in the market, there was about 10 kids surrounding me, and one of them a kid not older than 10 years old  (the leader maybe) told me "you had been taking business away from us, this is our territory, if you don't leave right now we are going to kick your ass!!"  ( I don't think that he said  "ass"  but, it looks better in the writing part) and me, being enemy of the violence  (that, and they were too many, more than I could take at that moment)  just left the market alone.
                Then taking the market option out, I started using the shoe shining kit that my Dad got for us, and I started going around in the same area of the market  (just in the out side areas)  doing my shoe shinning thing, and again, money came to me naturally, of course I have to work for it, but I kind of got derailed when I started making money, meaning, I kind of put my education a little bit aside, I was getting too comfortable, and then some day walking on the street I came across to this guy that used to have a shoe shine station, with 3 chairs on it, and he offered me a job, he told me what he could offered me and after that,  I guess that was my second job, after the one selling jello time.
                As you can see, being home alone is not just about been scared of some burglars trying to break in your house, it's about making money too!!, I leave all of you for now, I'll be back with more later, for now eat healthy, stay out of trouble, and if you get in trouble, well, . . . . . . . . who cares?. over n' out.

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