Thursday, September 20, 2012

nothing like being healthy

When you're sick and have medical insurance, you hope for all your medical expenses have 100% coverage, and when you're sick with no insurance, you hope for a 100% certainty that you have a job that pays you enough to cover all your medical expenses.
                      Back in 1995 I was having serious health problems (not that I don't have any anymore) and thank God I had medical insurance coverage, but, if it wasn't for a medical situation that I had back then,  today I probably be so sorry for it,  just because I didn't think of the seriousness of it . 
                      It was thanksgiving week and to be more accurate was a Monday a beautiful sunny day,  I was sent by my =dental specialist= to the hospital to have some analysis done, and by the time I got there, there was some people already waiting for me, (I just didn't know that)  two men and a female (all nurses) by the main entrance, with a wheelchair, and they told me as soon as I tried to get into the hospital,  "you need to sit on the wheelchair" to what I said, "no thanks I'm fine, I can walk in on my own",  but they insisted "please, sit on the wheelchair, otherwise you would not be able to get into the hospital"
                     Under that circumstances I finally sat on the chair, and, for some strange reason, from that point on  everything went in different directions, they took me upstairs to a room, where another three nurses were working on preparing a bed for me, and one of them asked me to take my clothes off and put a gown instead, but I said "there must be a mistake, I think that you got the wrong person here" so, another nurse got my chart and read it, "are you Martin  . . . .so. . . . .and . . . .so?" and I said "yes, but. . . . ." and she interrupted my complaint saying "take your clothes off and put this on" (referring to a gown), and there I was, on a bed, in a room, in a hospital, thinking "but, I'm here just for some analysis".
                     I was in that room for I don't know how long, when out of nowhere a priest came in to my room!!, and I thought "oh my God!!, I'm dying and I didn't even know it!!" the priest started talking to me for maybe an hour or so, and I felt this peace, this calm, so nice, like never before in my life! and I thought "well, maybe this is the way you feel before you die, so I guess I'm ready!", the priest left my room, (needless to say that I was totally in peace with myself)  and after some time my doctor finally came into my room, and I said "doctor, good thing you are here, because there has been a mistake",  and he said, "no Mr. Flores, we had detected a infection that needed to be treated as soon as you got here to the hospital, and we are going to have you here for observation" and like I said before, it was the Monday of the thanksgiving week, and me, with my terrible sense of humor, as a joke I told him, "well, if you give me turkey I'll stay" to what he said "good! I'll let the kitchen people know, because you'll be here till Friday" and there I was, in a room, in a hospital, the whole thanksgiving week thinking "I was just kidding".

    One of the events that I remember while I was there,  was the visit of  Ruben, to whom I met while I was working for a furniture store, Ruben was a good man, good coworker, good father, good friend, but, the worst visitor in a hospital!!, he got there to my room, sat on a chair next to my bed, and started telling me all his misfortune, all his issues, and everything that was bogging him, he just dumped all that on me, like if we were at the bar or something like that, and I was thinking "if  I'm dying, I hope that putting up with all this crap counts towards going to heaven" after that, he (Ruben) left my room clear minded, and there I was in a hospital, in a room in a bed thinking "one more of this visitors and I'm dying for sure".
                Fortunately everything came out good, (I didn't have any other visitor) I was treated for that infection and I went back to normal activity, back to work, back to make money, back to the usual, and I was very fortunate to be within the people with a 100% medical coverage, because there was no way that my job would it paid me enough to cover those medical expenses.  Well, another story ends here, and I'm thinking in the next one as I'm typing this last words, so keep reading, keep expecting more, and more, so stay up, don't give up, eat your vegetables and fruits and I'll be back, over n' out.

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  1. Well my friend you do write a funny story,though i'm sure it wasn't at the time you were in the hosp. i'm sure you were out of your wits.
    I enjoy reading your stories, keep them coming my friend.
    Can't wait for the next one!!!