Thursday, February 28, 2013

You always had to have something to say.

There's moments in life when talking to people you get in a situation where you have to get involved in a conversation, because sometimes that people feel that the problems that they have are just to much to deal with, and they take the option of  asking for opinions, from people that they don't even know, but, they know that, who ever they get to ask, they will always have something to say.
            Whenever I've had to be on a area where talking has been an issue I had always been out of it very easy, being that my Father was my teacher in the speech subject, giving opinions wherever or whatever the topic was, somehow, for some reason I always had a saying, and no just any kind of saying, it was a saying with a lot of sense, and very convinced that I knew what I was talking about,  and everything based on whatever the case was, for instances there was an occasion when Luis (one of my best friends) and I were on our way back home from school, and in order to do that we had to take  two buses, and in that time we had already spent half of our bus fare, we had only enough money to pay for the second bus fare, so, we decided to use our finger, (no, no the middle finger) we did two thumbs up!! and, of course, (good things happen to good people) in not time we got a ride.
     A taxi was passing by at that moment and gave us a ride, and once we were on our way, the driver, a man probably in his 30's  started talking to us and telling us about his situations at home, how he had to deal with his son, a teenager that was giving him to much trouble, that he had to work long hours to be able to maintain his family covered in all aspects, and that he was giving his son anything that he was asking for, and not even like that he was able to make him to stop getting in trouble, and of course I was paying a lot of attention and listening all details of whatever that man was saying, and while I was doing that I realized that the man had a lot of pain, and frustration, so much that he was eager to released that even to two young junior high school students, like if he was looking for, and in a desperate way a answer, something that could give him some peace of mind, or at least something that could make him feel better and after that, after he got everything out, he turn to me and asked me, "what do you think about all what I just said?"   and, here we go! I let all "my knowledge" on life to come out!.
                      I told him that, not because he was giving his son everything he wanted that would guarantee good behavior, no, it was more like giving him to much power, since he can have whatever he wanted without doing anything and carrying with him the "promise" that he will behave without doing it, well everything was so easy for him, so he (the taxi guy) had to come out with a different strategy, with a different way of doing things, for instances, stop buying his son everything, and make him understand, and learn, and earn, all those things that he had been getting for granted, so that way he could see that nothing is easy, or at least not as easy as he thought it was for him, I told him that in my opinion he should have to get his son to learn the art of getting and giving back, that if his son wanted something, he had to actually give something as a way to show appreciation for what is done, or for what it was given to him, and it has to be a tangible, or intangible, but it has to be done at the same time, or during the time that he as a father had previously set.  After I had finished saying all that, he thank me, and then he looked at my friend Luis, who was sitting next to me in the car front seat, and asked him, "and you, what's your opinion in the matter?'' to what Luis said, "the same as him" (!!) and he asked him,  "what?, do you think the same way ?,  I don't think so, you had to have something to say".
                  And with that I'm finishing this story, and remember, whenever you are asked to give your opinion in any matter, issue, topic (as long as is not religion, nor politics)  or whatever the case is, always pay a lot of attention to what you're being told, because, sometimes when you less expected, your opinion would make an impression and will give some kind of peace of mind to somebody that you don't even know, or whenever you trying to get a free ride home, just make sure that you don't ask to a taxi!.    Now lets keep it in the same line, eat your vegetables, add some protein, eggs and what not, and drink a lot of water and you all read me later, over n' out.

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  1. Hi there my friend what a great story!!!
    SAy have you ever had the experience of giving your opinion an the person gets uncomfortable even if they asked for your opinion?
    I know from experience as to not say all you really think.
    one question where didnt they get the paint job on the bus? jiji