Sunday, March 31, 2013

Decisions that change your destiny

During our lives we go wondering about what would we do when we grow up. Sometimes we get to a point where without even realizing it, some how we had made a decision, made a turn, bought an item, or something, combined with coincidence or events that in one way or another will change the course of our life in more ways than one.
 Now days I talk to people about what I used to do when I was younger, and the way my school hours were, meaning being at school for most of the day, how I started within the sales field, and how I did most of my changes during my life, and I always came to the same conclusion.  =decisions= that sometimes had been very good, and some times really, really bad, for instances I considered that one of my biggest decisions that I've made was not even caused by myself, like I said before it was a combination of coincidence and momentum of taking an invitation to go to an specific place.  
                    Back when I was in High school, I was living with my older sister in Mexico, and she lived in an area where a few of my classmates used to live, and one of those was Cesar, who's uncle was in charge of a governmental office in that county and he (Cesar) was working for him, and his job was to check on all the business licenses, all within the tax field, and the land tax was included too.  When we were in junior high I knew that he had a "rich" uncle that owned a shoe store in the downtown that we used to go an see him  some times and he always had something for Cesar to do.  All that was happening but I was unaware of the political power of that man, and that Cesar was already working for him.  So one day when I was in my way to visit my Friend Luis I came across Cesar as he was leaving to work at the same time, and he started asking me where was I going, what did I had to do later during the day, and I just said, "I'm going to Luis's house, we're going to play tennis" (Luis, Cesar, and I went to the same junior high school, so he knew who's house I was talking about) somehow Cesar convinced me into going with him instead of going to Luis's place,  to act as a witness in whatever work that he had to do that day, telling me that "we'll go to Luis's house later" (which by the way it was a lie, Cesar told me that just to convinced me to go with him) However, that decision that Cesar "forced me" into making that day will change the course of my destiny.
 Within a couple months of going with Cesar acting like a witness I came into working for the same office, within a field that was unknown for me at that time, and I almost made a career out of it.  I met a person that had a lot of influence on my life during that time, somebody that came to replace Cesar's uncle in the office, that person took me under his umbrella of knowledge and guided me in to my work, and one of the first people that told me "You got to learn English, you'll never know how far you are going during your life, and some day you could be in a country where that could be the only way of communication" and taught me that whenever I was taking a choice I had to think it over twice and that if that choice was not the correct one I should learned to live with the consequences,  and not to lived crying over something that could not be brought back. I made a lot of money, or I should said, I earned a lot of money, while I was working for that office, and that situation opened my mind for a lot of different and new experiences, that if it wasn't for Cesar insistence on that day that we came across in our way to different directions, none of what  I just wrote would it happened. And all that happened thanks to one =decision= . 
                          I'll continue with my decision of typing stories, and please, don't change your decision of reading them, neither the one of eating vegetables, and drink a lot of water, over n' out

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  1. Well my friend here i am to comment on your story.
    No doubt that it's a very interesting story though i have some questions,but i will ask when i have a chance to chat with you. As to decisions im gonna say that you made the correct one as to living in the US.
    An keep typing your stories that i enjoy reading
    Have a great day:-)

  2. Hey im here to comment on your story.
    It remind me of Sleepless in Seatle.'You make millions of decisions that mean nothing and then one day your order takes out and it changes your life.'
    I never regret any decisions I've made. All of them make my life interesting. Destiny takes a hand.
    Keep writing!
    Aurora Fu