Tuesday, April 16, 2013

And The Seller was born

There is a moment in life when in one way or another we (as in everyone) start becoming a seller, from the moment that we have to sell excuses to our parents when they told us about doing our chores, or doing something that was needed to be done, and then later when we sell excuses to our teachers at school in all the school  work related situations.
   I remember back when I was in elementary school and living in Mexico, my older sister used to sent me to the "tortilleria" (corn tortilla factory) to buy of course the "tortillas" and we had to buy them by kilos (unlike here by pounds).  I was always involved in all kind of kid games during the process of being in line (yes, to buy tortillas you have to make a line to get your turn of getting your tortillas) and sometimes, those games involved  betting money (a few cents most of the time) and for some strange reason  I was always loosing.   Consequently I was buying less than a kilo of tortillas, that later at home I had to sell to my older sister as a kilo, so I can say without any doubt that at that time the seller was born.

       Selling was natural (and still is) for me, it was so easy at some point that even my Father friends used to come over to visited us with no other intentions than asked my Dad to allowed me to go with them to help them to sell their products (surely because it was a free help from my part) that it was from clothing, paints, kitchen ware, up to religious items, (no, I won't go on detail on that) I learned from the best.   I used to admired my Father for that ability that he had whenever he was selling anything, I even used to think that he could be able to sell ice to the Eskimos, and to me every time that we were out there working (selling) in the different towns that we used to go to, he was always selling me the idea of keeping me on the  "only one more sale and we'll go home"  and then  "one more sale for the lunch and we'll go home"  and then  "just another sale for dinner and we'll go home"  and it was always the same way,  and by the time we were back home it was already dark.                                         

There was a time when I experienced my first "defeat" on sales, I had been for three days with no sale, I was so depressed, and my Father asked me "what happened? why are you so worried?" and I told him that "I was not a good sales person, because I hadn't sold a single item in three days!!" to what he said "that does not mean anything, the fact that you are selling a lot, or every day, it doesn't mean that you are the best sales person in the world, and if you don't sale anything in three days does not mean that you are the worst either",  and I said "really?" and he said   "yes! is just the matter of adjusting gears, its time to change strategy, do something different, be more creative, and sales will come out by it self,  but is not the end of the world"  and after that, I did what he told me and just like he said it sales came out of nowhere, by themselves!.
that was the way how a learned to overcome defeat and to know that in order to get to victory, a lot of times you have to go through defeat.   And now I have to "sell"  my stories to all of you, I hope that you are all buying them, and enjoying them, and as for this story this is it.    I'll come back with another one, don't stop eating your salads, and add some protein too, and I'll type you later, over n' out.

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  1. Mornin my friend,
    Am here with a cup of coffee an imagine my surprise when i went to your blog.
    That you did not post one but two blogs ;)
    So i imagine that you have been a seller since a very young age by what you have written. keep on keepin on my friend,as you already know i enjoy your stories. an like you write over an out!!!