Friday, July 12, 2013

setting a path for the future

 During our childhood we go through a lot of experiences on the streets, at home, and at school. But nothing prepares us for the future but ourselves.    No matter what your parents want you to be, it's not always like that.
        When I was a kid, my Dad (my Superman) was very strict with us- me, my brother, and my two sisters. He wanted everything to be done on time, nothing could be dirty no matter what. And by "nothing" he meant the house, our clothes, our personal hygiene, and belongings. He was always on top of
everything, but especially about school.  He wanted the best for us and he knew that the only way was trough education.  He
was a man that was always well dressed.  People treated my Dad with a lot of respect. Since he was a businessman, he was well known and he always knew how to treat them in return.

           I have no idea what my brother and sisters told my Dad they wanted to be when they grew up, but I always told him that I wanted to be a public accountant, despite the fact that he wanted me to be a lawyer. Why? I don't know. I wonder now what would have happened back then if I could have watched "Law & Order" on TV.     I kind of knew that being a lawyer was a big responsibility. I knew that it would take a lot of team work, investigating, running after people to make them talk,
and a lot of other things. It wasn't just about getting up before an audience and getting to the bottom of the case, finding the guilty: guilty and the innocent: innocent. I knew it was not always like that, so I decided not to be a lawyer. I stuck to the idea of becoming a public accountant.   I have always been good with numbers. Making or solving number problems was so easy for me, and still is. To kind of prove that, I remember one day when my brother, two sisters and I went to church and we stayed for doctrine. We took longer than usual and by the time we got home, my Dad was already there!! He was mad, because we were not home, so "let the spanking begin!!"  He got us one by one. My brother first, then my two sisters and when it was my turn, he asked me, "and you?!! have you mastered your time tables??!!" Being that I was born with the ability to calculate, I sang them to him, needless to say, I got absolution, I was pardoned-- just like the turkey on
Thanksgiving at the white  house. And no, that's not the reason why I loved numbers, that's just to show you that  when you are good at something, it can get you out of a lot of trouble.
 Life took me by the hand and later on I got to use my skills with numbers during my work in the field of sales. Then I got to play the accountant part when I had to keep track of my 
commissions, my bonuses, my premiums, and my own money.  Also, I use it now to count  how many stories I'll have the opportunity to write until the end. Lets hope that we're not close to that point. For now, don't stop eating your vegetables, stay safe, do your chores, read my stories, and I'll let you read me later alligator,  over n' out.

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  1. Mornin my friend,
    First let me tell you i had been checking your blog looking for one of your stories :).
    I enjoyed your other 2 stories though i did'nt know what to comment on them.
    Know on this one,from what you wrote you are a very savy business man
    Im of a mind to think that you should have become an accountant but im sure your enjoying what you do now.
    Keep your stories coming my friend.
    Saludos de tu amiga Tejana